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Mountain Biking

1.Kinloch to Whangamata Rd carpark

This one is a no brainer if you are staying at our glamp, as the track leaves right from your doorstep! At around 23kms, this track is a great day trip. Allow 4-5 hours to complete this trail. We suggest starting from the Whangamata Rd carpark end. From here you will cycle along the Orakau stream the length of our farm towards Kawakawa Bay. Enjoy shady paths through the trees and a fairly even, undulating track to the lake. Here you might want to stop for a swim and a snack at the lake's edge, or use the DOC toilet at the far end of the bay.


After this you’ve got THE climb. This is the steepest part of the trail that will challenge your fitness, but you will be rewarded at the top with an amazing view back over Kawakawa Bay. Rest up and enjoy before you hit the best part of the trail – the downhill! This is a perfect grade for beginner and intermediate cyclists, but advanced riders will enjoy it just as much. With rolling downhill, shady paths and a few tight corners to improve your skills, this is by far our favourite part of the trail. You will exit the track at the lake and make your way along the shoreline to Kinloch township. Here you can treat yourself to a swim and an ice cream from the local dairy while taking in the picturesque lakeside views back to Mount Ruapehu. You can prearrange a shuttle service to transport you back to the glamp, or cycle back along the road.



2. Waihaha Link


This 30km trail is a highlight! But you will need a reasonable level of fitness to complete this track. The start of the trail is on the south side of the Waihaha River Bridge on Western Bays Road. From the carpark, you will weave through the forest on a fun, flowing track towards the lake. Passing farmland and taking in fantastic lookouts on the way. After 14 km you will pass a toilet. There are no large hills in this section of the trail, but quite a few small ones. When you are 30 km from the car park, the trail descends steeply via a series of bridges and boardwalks, past Kotukutuku Waterfall to a beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Taupo. This is the end of the trail and you will find toilets here. You can either return back via the same track or arrange for a local boat shuttle to collect you from the beach. We have used this service before and found it really effective. You must book before you leave and agree upon a collection time with the operator. From the beach you will be collected, with your bikes using their specially designed bike boat rack, and transported back to Kinloch Marina. It's a fantastic day out, with so much variety and the added bonus of a boat ride across the lake when you're done.

3. Whakaipo Bay to Kinloch


This is another great local track, perfect for a half-day ride. At around 23 kms and taking roughly 4 hours to complete, this trail offers up great views and fun sections. It can be started at either end, but we have described it here, starting from Whakaipo Bay and ending in Kinloch. The track begins at the western end of Whakaipo bay, climbing gently through native forest to the headland separating the two bays. There are several lookout points on the trail, offering stunning views of Lake Taupo and its surrounds. From here you can choose to add the headland loop into your ride, which will take you right around the top of the headland, we definitely recommend this to all fit riders. The trail then descends into Whangamata Bay down the side of steep cliffs and finishes at the beach in Kinloch. If you have only one car with you, make sure to arrange a shuttle service to transport you either back to or from your vehicle.

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Taupo and the surrounding region is a mountain bikers paradise. With tracks for all levels, ages and abilities, combined with stunning scenery and variety, this place has an adventure for everyone. We are avid mountain bikers and have trialed many of the surrounding tracks, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have. But here are a few of our top tracks and tips…

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